JRC: ICT Task Force

Rafael Perez Medina
July 12, 2022

In order to have a more in-depth assessment framework on the challenge of converting to sustainability in the ICT sector, the European Commission, through the Joint Research Center (JRC), has created, since 2016, a Task Force to provide a basis for policy-making to improve sustainability in the ICT sector. The goal is to analyze and understand the direct and indirect environmental impacts, not only from the perspective of devices but of the overall system of users, equipment and services, collecting data and statistics to submit to the European Commission.

Since 2020 Circular Tech has been collaborating with the JRC (Joint Research Centre) of the European Commission as a stakeholder specialized in innovative processes in the ICT sector. The working table currently open is called ICT Task Force and is an ad hoc project for the sector through the analysis from two points of view: one positive, as an enabler of sustainability strategies, and the other negative, as responsible for environmental impacts related to energy and materials used in its life cycle. The result will be the definition of future 2020/2030 policies aimed at improving the sustainability of ICT and thus mitigate its direct and indirect environmental impacts.