This is the reCover Marketplace

Rafael Perez Medina
March 16, 2023

reCover has gone digital

Circular Technologies brings us its new digital marketplace reCover, a solution for companies and industrial actors who want to dispose of their used ICT equipment with the greatest economic benefit and at the same time follow the environmental requirements that this equipment must meet during its End-of-Life stage. For Circular to extend the use of the products is the first solution to deal with electronic waste and recycling as a last resort. This new digital marketplace is aimed to optimize the value of this equipment, improving the exchange of these products by directing industrials and companies to reconditioners and recyclers with the best solutions, and finally having detailed documentation of the environmental conditions of these products; as well as the history of their use, repairs, and locations of use.

With this new digital marketplace, Circular Technologies seeks to bring together on a single platform the possibility of giving ICT products new cycles of use, as well as sending inventories of old technology to recyclers to take advantage of raw materials. During the second half of 2022 Circular Technologies has conducted various tests of the platform and processes with commercial partners. These tests have successfully validated Circular's digitization, sorting, and documentation processes.

How does the reCover platform work?

From the creation of the customer's profile, the process of digitizing the inventory begins, a process that Circular Technologies can perform with its own team, or, the customer can do it with the best practices guidelines for packaging and inventory management available on the platform. For all products, we create the necessary documents for the compliance that the customer needs: operational, financial, and environmental documents. All these documents allow full traceability of the equipment and batches, during the digitization process as well as marketing and distribution. Each step is reported through the platform and customers can access the corresponding batch or equipment information.

The product classification system is organized as follows: A, B, C, D, and R. Each letter will be used depending on the amount of work to be done on the equipment to be reconditioned and have a new cycle of use (A, B, C, D), or if the equipment is to be recycled (R). It also allows for determining to whom this lot can be sold and how it would be used.

The customer through the platform will also be able to make a programmed disposal of its inventory: the products close to being sold or disposed of will be accepted on the platform in advance to find the best buyer.

Protected Data

In Circular, it is essential to protect the customer and his information: ICT equipment is a delicate piece of equipment that contains sensitive data.  One of the most important processes for the correct management of inventories is data destruction. Certifying the correct implementation is an essential condition for selling the equipment to reconditioners and recyclers. At Circular Technologies we use Blancco technology to perform this process and ensure the protection of reCover customers.

reCover Digital Marketplace Launch

Circular Technologies announces that it is currently taking applications to sign up for the platform early. The platform is scheduled to go public on December 13. If this is a solution that fits your ICT equipment disposition needs, we invite you to sign up at